Gas: The clean, quick & easy way to braai…

Many people shy away from gas braais. They believe that the only way you can have a braai which makes the meat taste good, is with wood or charcoal fires.

To braai with gas have many advantages

  • It is less messy because you don’t use charcoal and flames.
  •  Gas burns clean.
  •  A gas braai is of course also much faster than a wood or charcoal braai. It can be started up very quickly and there is no waiting for the flames to die down before you can start to braai the meat.
  • In the long run gas is cheaper than using charcoal or wood.

When you use a gas braai be sure to find a safe, stable place where the braai can be positioned. It is a good idea to have all your braai equipment like the braai tongs, spatulas and whatever you prefer to use ready beforehand, so that you do not leave a gas braai already lit up, unattended. Because it doesn’t produce as much smoke as with a wood or charcoal braai, a gas braai is a healthier option to cook on and much better for the environment.

Direct and Indirect Cooking on a Gas Braai

It is important to know the difference between direct and indirect cooking when using a gas braai so that you can be proficient at cooking various foods on the braai.

Direct cooking refers to the method of grilling food over an open gas flame. This is the quickest way of preparing food. Only high heat foods should be cooked over an open gas flame.

Indirect cooking refers to the method of cooking on that part of the grill that does not receive direct heat. When applying the indirect cooking method it is advised that you apply a little oil to the grill before you light the gas braai. The gas should then be light ten to fifteen minutes before cooking is started.

When you pre-heat the grill it helps to clean it. Use a special grill brush to remove any residue before you proceed to put food on the grill. Place food that requires indirect heat on the burner that is not lit and use the rest of the space to cook the meat directly.

Use the Lid of Your Gas Braai

Use the lid of your gas braai to maintain an even temperature. The food cooks faster and retains its smoky flavour, which means that you can treat your guests to more succulent food  and juicier steaks. Do not turn the meat too often – if the heat is right the food should only be turned once or twice.

Another useful braai tip:

Salt draws out moisture and if you don’t want dried out meat, refrain from adding the salt too early – 10-15 minutes should before braaiing is a good time to add the salt.

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